Friday, April 23, 2010

Matthew 5:4

Dear Mom,
On this, the most wretched of anniversaries, you must be kindest to yourself.
It is impossible not to remember what this day means, even when the remembering brings sorrow as deep and fresh as the first days. And with it the bewildering shock that we have been 5 years without him, even though we accepted the fact of our loss long ago.
I am sad for the things he is missing, and selfishly sad for the things about him I still need. I know that I have become a stronger, more compassionate person, but I have gained an almost obsessive intolerance for wasted time. I am too familiar with the phrase "Life is Short."
We've all learned to Move Forward. And we can without forgetting. I like to think we are bringing Daddy with us, and that he is enjoying our adventures right beside us. I bet he is tickled and proud.