Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spinning Class

Dear Mom,
Does that post title fool you into thinking I took an exercise class? no? Well, I was pedalling both feet to keep a wheel moving. It was a spinning wheel, not a bicycle, though, and if my heart rate elevated it was from stress and frustration, not from any physical exertion.
Saturday afternoon was spent in my first spinning class, in hopes that I would learn how to turn all that raw fleece into yarn. Sending it off to be processed is sounding better and better.
Not that spinning wasn't fun. It was. I think. It was also harder than it looks, requiring a coordination of both hands AND both feet that I found challenging. Think the "rub your stomach/pat your head" trick. The effort had me questioning the fact that I had even been able to drive myself to class. Just like anything, it will take practice to get good. And loads of time to get that fleece spun into enough yarn to actually have enough to do something with.

Here you see the total of my efforts during the 2 hour class:

I can't even claim full credit for what you see because the instructor plied our yarn for us in hopes that we would be inspired by our efforts enough to continue. Two hours. TWO. HOURS. For something I can knit up in about 15 minutes.

We were sent home with borrowed spinning wheels and homework. We are to return to class next Saturday with two full spools.
With the Young Lady's help (she carefully prepped and staged the roving so I had fewer spinning stops and starts), I spent the greater part of my Saturday night spinning and filled up one spool.

Consistency is an issue.

As if I needed to point that out.

I have new respect for the beautiful hand spun yarns I have purchased.

Today, after a night of dreaming about spinning yarn, I plan on tending to my knitting. I need the confidence boost.