Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That first bag of wool

Dear Mom,
Remember that first bag of wool?

Well, a year and a half later it is now this:

Almost all spun- just a little bit of roving left to spin and approximately 1000 yards of yarn! WOW.
Not quite enough for a sweater. Definitely enough for a vest or a shawl.

Since receiving that first bag from my Brother-in-law, I've been given two more, have purchased countless pounds of roving from various sources, have another gifted bag of wool from MelissaWhoHooksRugs and some wool that I need to attend to that is destined for the Sheep To Shawl Contest at the State Fair. (Okay, yes. I am publicly acknowledging that I've been invited to be a Sheep to Shawl team member. Not sure what my team mates are thinking exactly, but I've been assured that I am up to the task. They most likely are desperate. More on Sheep to Shawl another day.)

Little did I know where that That First Bag of Wool would lead me.To be honest, when I took that "free" bag of wool I took it intending to send it off as dirty wool and have it come back to me as yarn. I was NOT going to become a spinner! Rather, it has been spinning classes, a spinning wheel, dye workshops, fiber fairs. A loom.   And even better- learning something new, being creative, spending happy hours and making new friends. Free bag of wool? Priceless.