Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Young Lady's Summer, week 1

Dear Mom,

This is the Young Lady's latest craft project, a pencil/pen holder for her desk crafted out of a recycled glass jar with some scrunchies and pony tail holders stretched around it.

The Young Lady is also absorbed in a book of adventure and mystery titled The Mysterious Benedict Society. I want to read it when she is done! She found a bookmark that has a timer on it, so she can keep track of her time, both earning tv credit and knowing how long it will take her to finish the book.

Yesterday afternoon I took her shopping for a much needed summer wardrobe update. I am learning, but it is hard, to let her lead the way when shopping for her clothes. She definitely has her own sense of style and seems to instinctively know what looks best on her. She is attracted to the bright greens and blues that favor her coloring and I learned yesterday that she really likes plaid! We found a few cute cotton plaid shirts and some fun knit tops and shorts to match. We even found a dress she likes!

Here she is, modeling one of her new shirts, something she spied way up high that required help from a sales lady to retrieve, and which she knew was just right the minute she saw it.

She is also trying out a new hair style to go with the new wardrobe- we've caught some of those red curls into barrettes to hold them off her face.

A Young Lady, indeed.