Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big Reveal

Dear Mom,

Tights are the Enemy is finished. I figured out a way to finish the neckline that looks pretty and easily slides over the Young Lady's head. The picture above shows the top after the ends have been buried and the sweater blocked. The Young Lady did not want to model the finished product and did not Cooperate.

In fact, the expression on her face was quite like the one I made that time you were trying to take a Christmas card picture of the four of us in the morning before school.

Okay. So we're even. Paid back. HA. Ha. ha.

She happily modeled the sweater before blocking with strings hanging off of it.

See? Strings. And~ Oh MY! A guinea pig on the couch. Zooming in on these photos is quite revealing......




Dear Mom,
You will be relieved to know that today, after a clueless 2 months, and an alarmingly aware 3 days, I am no longer driving with an expired license. They didn't even scold me at the BMV, so I'm guessing this happens a lot.
They were also really quick. I had all that yarn to knit and only knit about 14 stitches before I was out of there.
If forgetting to renew isn't alarming enough, for the first time EVER I missed a letter on the vision test.
The photos are now logged in with some facial recognition software, so "you can smile, but don't show your teeth". I don't know how to do that so I didn't smile. Plus if I ever got pulled over and had to hand my driver's license to a police man, I don't think I would be smiling anyway. This facial recognition trick is supposed to prevent identity theft but I suspect it is some kind of Homeland Security thing.
And then I saw the face of a middle aged woman looking at me on MY driver's license. With a wrinkled neck. And maybe even an extra bit of chin or sagging jowls. I am going to pretend that when I smile all of that disappears. I do not think I can wear turtlenecks all year round, but I sure wish I wore one today. I do notice that my "tinted glow enhancer" seems to be doing its job under my eyes, so I take what little comfort I can in that.
Departing the BMV, an old coot seemed to think if he tried t-boning me into the right turn lane I would move faster or get out of his way. I stopped and gave him my best "I just saw how old I look on my driver's license so don't you be messing with me MISTER, and besides it is Ladies First" look and then took my time to make my turn safely. I didn't want to have to present my fresh license to a police man so soon.