Friday, September 10, 2010

Dog Park Days

Dear Mom,
Well, it happened again and another week flew by. I hope this doesn't become a habit. This week I did keep the house clean, though....or as clean as 2 dogs will let it be.
Now that the weather is behaving like it should (Except for the rain part. We need the rain. Even my crabgrass is struggling.)  our visits to the dog park have lasted longer and more dogs have been there to play. Patsy has a special friend. His name is Ace and he is a 2 year old chocolate lab.He and Patsy....well, they love each other in a dog sort of way.

Ace's mom and I have exchanged email addresses so we can easily arrange play dates and coordinate our dog park visits.

Patys now knows the word "Ace" and the phrase "Dog park". "Dog Park" may be a better motivater than "cookie".

And while Ace and Patsy race around and burn off loads of energy, good ole Bumper sniffs around and marks all the territory as his, finds some shade, barks when the wild ones get too close, and generally avoids the action.
In June, the water level was where Ace and Patsy are standing.
Plus, Ace's mom usually has a few treats in her pocket which are smuggled to Bumper when the others aren't looking, and it didn't take him too long decide that she just might be his new best friend.

My knitting needles are clicking away, too, and I am making really good progress on Baby Cables and Big Ones, too. I think I am gonna really, really like wearing this sweater.
Last night I reached the point in the pattern where the designer suggests trying the sweater on to check for fit, which I have, and so far, so good. I'll divide the sleeves and the body next and what you see above will start looking more like a sweater and less like a poncho. The weather isn't just good for the dog park. It's been perfect knitting weather, too.


p.s. I made Jayme's Psalm Blessed Apple Crisp, and it may IT IS... the best apple crisp recipe EVER. I had everything I needed on hand and the really good part was that I could walk out into the back yard and pick the apples I needed right off the tree!