Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Intervention or Finishing School

Dear Mom,
Patsy has an appointment this afternoon with a dog trainer. A private appointment. I would call this "Finishing School" or Graduate School, but we all know better. Plus the trainer insisted that the WHOLE FAMILY be there. I am grateful. But why did it take someone else insisting that the entire family participate to make it happen? Things may have been easier if I had insisted on this from the start.I just hope this lady is a whole lot nicer than that OTHER one.
I think Patsy may have heard me scheduling the appointment or talking with the family about it at dinner, because she has been nearly well-behaved, almost DOG-like, the past few days. She is not fooling me, though. I am keeping the appointment.
It is Patsy's size and strength as much as her behavior that prompted me to make the call.
Plus, she is just getting a little too comfortable around here.

Gosh. Remember this?

I finished a few of the smaller Christmas knits, and worked up a new version of my North Porch Hat, this one using a bulky yarn. I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern and a friend has volunteered to test knit it for me.
This is a very quick knit- maybe a 2 hour hat, and I am hoping to get the pattern on ravelry and over on Warm Thoughts within the next week. It would be a nice last minute Christmas knit. It could also be made with the same yarn as my Cowl Catcher for a very nice gift.

I am taking advantage of these Indian summer days to wash rugs, comforters, and blankets and hang them out on the clothesline, giving everything some fresh air before the cold weather decides to stay. We were blessed with a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday, have another forecast for today and still another tomorrow and I am going to soak up as much of it as I can!