Friday, June 25, 2010

Something finished and a serious case of startitis

Dear Mom,
This cardigan was started sometime last summer and set aside for a  forgotten reason. Maybe because I knew even a year ago that it wasn't gonna fit me. The good news is that it will fit you if you want it.
The lesson here is- even if the knitter wrote the pattern, she STILL has to get gauge. Or find a body to fit the sweater. Good thing you are tiny.
I made a few modifications- I used 6 different yarns rather than the 10 called for, made 3/4 sleeves and I knitted a mitered and hemmed border around the hem, button bands and neckline with loops for the buttonholes.

Having finished that, I went into a ball winding frenzy, with plans to start several projects, all with different levels of difficulty and concentrations required. Yes, there is a method to this madness.

I started this, using one of the hand dyed yarns from the workshop I took last month.

And last night I began this cardigan using a soft mercerized cotton- Ultra Pima by Cascade in a happy orange sherbet color that reminds me of Pushups we got from the ice cream man when we were kids.

It seems I am in an orange/coral/fiery red phase.

Have no fear. I have plans for this today:
This is Black Water Abbey yarn, color Forest, and I am extremely anxious to knit with it. NO matter how hot it is outisde. I need a wool fix.

And I should probably start a new pair of socks even though my sock a week resolution is pretty much trashed.