Friday, May 8, 2009

Dreams and Prayers

Dear Mom,
All night long last night, I dreamed about parallel parking. I tossed and turned, woke up, and thought about parallel parking until I fell asleep and dreamed about it more! We had practiced that afternoon on at least 10 cars in town. Practice makes perfect...he passed the driving skills test today and scored a perfect parallel park, even using the big, clunky mini-van!
I was told by another mom that one of the hardest things she ever did was watch her child drive away for the first time unattended in the vehicle. Without a doubt, I will be doing a lot of extra praying in the days and months to come.
Right now, I'm exhausted from parallel parking all night, and in shock that my child can now legally drive! I think I'll go outside and spend some quiet time with my chickens...
Love, Bonnie Jo

Another Use for Ribbons

Dear Mom,

A worn out watch band + an abundance of ribbon=

I've been having fun swapping out ribbons to coordinate with what I am wearing. Way more fun than that brown leather I was buckling to my wrist everyday.

Plus there is the bonus of having a new excuse to buy more ribbons!

I find myself wearing more jewelry around my wrists in the summer. I guess because they are not bundled under warm sweaters. Last summer the Young Lady and I made these:

We tore bandannas into 1-inch strips, soaked them in water and them twisted them tightly. We tied them around our wrists and ankles and let them dry. The longer we wore them and the more frayed they became, the better they looked.

Carefree summer "jewelry" for easy summer days.