Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

Dear Mom,

Having finished a pair of socks for the May 2010 issue of Creative Knitting magazine, and needing to deliver them along with my pattern instructions, I was invited by the editor, Barb, to meet her at a photo shoot yesterday.
The location was only about 15 minutes away, but I felt like I was in another world for a little while.

The models were breathtakingly beautiful, as you would expect, but read that again. I didn't just say beautiful. I said Breathtaking. Stunning. Photogenic has a whole new meaning for me now. And the models were polite and friendly. I was equally struck by their poise while being photographed and STARED AT as I was by their looks.

Fascinated, I asked if I could take photos of them taking photos.

Here is Editor Barb, writing down an identification number and the sweater's name on a dry erase board. After the photos are taken, the model will hold this board and have another photo taken. She will also take an additional shot holding a color board. This is Liz:

Liz was fluffed and styled, special attention taken to showing the sweater to its best advantage.

And Liz's legs were probably ended at the height of my waist.

This photo shoot is for the January 2010 issue. Special care was taken that the backgrounds won't look too summery, and those models, wearing wool sweaters in August didn't even appear to be overheating.
In addition to the photographer and the hair and make up professional, there was also a stylist who coordinates the sweater, clothes and accessories for the models. She would pick up the models when they were done, whisk them away in her van and return with them wearing a new look.

This is Brittany, a former Miss Indiana. Make up touched up.

And beautiful.