Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Dear Mom,
A definite Favorite Thing on my Friday mornings is my knitting class. This group of ladies met in my This is That Sweater class back in January. The group has bonded together and we just finished the Zephirine cardigan I showed you in my last post. In April, we took a field trip to the Greencastle Fiber Event. And in May we had a tea party during class.

(Our tea party probably could have been timed a little bit better- some of the ladies were starting on the lace portion of their sweaters and it was a lot to take in.)

Carol brought freshly baked scones,
Kitty brought pretty china tea cups,

Sheila brought Irish tea, Lisa brought an electric kettle, sweetener and milk, and I brought some tea pots and my favorite Orange Cinnamon Spice tea.  We vowed to do it again- maybe as a celebration at the end of each class session. As Irene has enthusiastically pointed out more than once, "This could go on for Years!" These are kind, generous women and watching friendships blossom is a priceless blessing.