Friday, May 1, 2009


Dear Mom,

With my rain gauge showing we've had about 3 inches since Monday, the yard looks like this:
The grass. is. high. I would measure its depth like we do with the snow, but I might lose the ruler. I am hoping we get a break in all this rain long enough for the yard to dry out so I can climb aboard John, Dear and MOW!!!! At this point it may take mowing twice just to get through it all.

The good thing is that with all the rain keeping me inside, I've knit almost an entire sweater in about a week. I think I started this one last Thursday. I may finish it this weekend. It will be a tunic for me, my design.

Last Sunday when it was sunny, warm and windy, The Young Lady and My Hero took the dog to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (aka, the track) for the Annual Mutt Strutt. This dog walk around the track benefits the Indianapolis Humane Society. Between the stress of the car ride and walking around the 2 1/2 mile oval, Bumper was exhausted. I think it took him until mid week to recover. The plan next year is to take him on the short walk, which I think is just in the pit lanes. Here they are, on the "yard of bricks" at the finish line.

Today was ANOTHER half day of school. Add all these half days together and I swear the summer could be 2 weeks longer. You might think that coming home after only a half day would be a happy thing. It was for some.

But not for everyone.

15 year old, stalked by mamarazzi

Have a happy weekend!