Monday, January 10, 2011


Dear Mom,
The Yarn Harlot's  post last Friday gave me an infection. It's like she sneezed SpillyJane all over me. Before last Friday afternoon I had never heard of SpillyJane. But before the kids got off the bus I had downloaded 5 mitten patterns and ordered enough Knitpicks yarn and the size 0 double points to make them all. I couldn't resist. I think if you go take a look at her etsy shop or at her ravelry page you will see why. I have the patterns for Heather's Mitts (Shamrocks!), Carrots and Beets mittens, Cupcake mittens, Isidora mittens and the Polska mittens right here in front of me.
And I was hoping to knit only from my stash for awhile.
I'll still do that, though. It does feel good to use what is on hand rather than add to the load.
And speaking of knitting from the stash...
The poor Abandoned-for-Two-Years Sweater is so happy to have fresh air that she is being extremely cooperative and pleasant to knit. The Front and Back are finished, shoulders united and neckband complete.I just love this neck and couldn't wait to see it put together.
the actual color is more rust than orange
I found an excellent button in your button box yesterday and the first sleeve is about 1/2 way done. I imagine I should have this finished before the end of the week.
In the meantime, I've started writing up the pattern for Primrose and should have that ready soon. Sooner if I get off the blog and back to work.