Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Dear Mom,
It seems that more and more often I am finding myself in little time bubbles. I can be blissfully occupied for a Few Minutes only to find that  Many Minutes, (hours even!) have slipped away. And no, I am not having blackouts. I am either fully absorbed in something or turning in to a total space cadet.
Last week was pretty much one big bubble. The first two days I was so blissed out at being home alone that I missed Bible Study. And then there were a couple days spent in the good company of friends and knitting. And then suddenly it was Friday and the weekend. And now here it is Tuesday again, already.

One good thing about bubbles.... I seem to accomplish lots of good things when I am in them.
And one of those good things is this sweater.

This is Idunn- A free Knitty pattern.  I've knit this as a class sample for the Village Yarn Shop. The class starts this Friday. The pattern calls for Lite Lopi yarn, but I used good old Cascade 220 instead.
This sweater is worked from the top down, in the round, and the front button band is steeked- which means it is cut open after the knitting is done. I did change the way those front bands were finished. Rather than crochet an edge as the pattern asks, I picked up and knitted the bands. They are folded over and encase the raw steeked edges. I think this looks much neater. Probably mostly because I have basically NO crochet skills.
I knitted in the button loops as I worked the folded edge of the band.
I also made the buttons from Shrinky Dinks! I traced the pattern from a calico fabric print using fine point permanent markers. I used a large round cutter (from the scrap booking section of Michael's) to cut out the discs and used a regular hole punch for the holes in the center. After following the instructions for baking on the Shrinky Dinks package, I had 3 pretty buttons in a matter of minutes. My 2 inch disc yielded a 3/4 inch button.

Sadly, ironing was not one of the good things accomplished last week, and I am playing catch up today. Not so bad with a book in my ears, but still. It is ironing. I've given myself this little blog break and now it is time to get back at it. I'll have other good things to show you  that won't be ironing- here is a sneak peak at one of them.....