Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Boy's got Skillz

Dear Mom,

I don't need to tell you this.
Having a teen in the house offers (almost daily) a new set of rewards and challenges. The random grisly behavior requires new creative ways of coping. As always, humor and revenge are a mother's best weapons.
It is that spirit I offer up these photos of how The Young Man parked the car in the garage.

Yes, it is within the allotted space.

And, as he was oh-so-quick to inform me, it really isn't his fault that HE parked at a nearly 45 degree angle in the garage (something that frankly I am not sure I could do even if I tried) because:

1. It is his Dad's fault for not telling him to turn soon enough.

2. It is because of where the car had to be parked. In the garage. It just stinks.

3. It is his Dad's fault for not fixing it.

Yes, I was still able to park my car in the garage. And I think this shot gives a better perspective of the extreme diagonal-ness of the car's position. My car, on the right, is lined up straight.

Like I said. The boy has skillz.




Dear Mom,
Last weekend, Wendy's Pipsqueak proudly showed us her cowboy boots. With the jingle bell socks I gave her which apparently drive Wendy around the bend. But whatever. It isn't like I gave her tight hip-hugging sparkly Britney Spears jeans or anything.
Pipsqueak was working it in those boots.
For a few weeks I've been wanting, and keeping my eye on a pair of suede boots in the clearance section of the DSW, hoping that I can snag them when they get marked down another 10%. Pipsqueak's boots turned that WANT into NEED. Need quickly began escalating to PANIC. What if they aren't there any more? What if I have lost them in my desire to save another 8 bucks or something? When will I learn?
At first opportunity I got myself into that DSW, and as GinaWhoCanParallelPark told me, the fact that they were still there AND marked down to 50% off(!!!) was a sign from God that I was supposed to have those boots.

And they are MINE.
I won't be wearing jingle bell socks, but Pipsqueak can teach me how to Work It in these boots.
And p.s. - taking a picture of your new boots on your own leg is kinda hard.