Thursday, October 29, 2009

Care Packages

Dear Mom,
A friend, who also happens to be a knitter, is facing some surgery and a few days in the hospital next week. Being the sort of person who could not even donate blood without knitting in my lap, I immediately set about preparing knitting care packages for her hospital stay.
The knitting needs to be the kind where she can pick it up and start knitting without having to clear a possibly foggy-from-medicine head. I want the knitting to help her heal, to boost her spirits, and to comfort her.

I found some clear paint cans at Michael's, and each can has yarn, needles and instructions for a simple scarf.  Each is completely self contained so she can take it with her or her husband can grab a paint can and know that everything she will need is in there for her. I've already cast on each scarf so they are ready when she picks them up. Nothing more than the soothing repetition of knit stitches (and a speedy recovery) required.