Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Knitting in the Park

Dear Mom,

Five hours gone in the flash of a fire fly.

That is what has happened last night, and one evening last week, when I met with my knitting friends in the park.

We gather with folding chairs, our dinners packed, plenty of knitting and Bailey's Irish creme for "dessert". Bursting with conversation, creative ideas, energetic spirits (and the liquid kind, too) we knit until it is too dark to see our stitches. We haven't been locked in the park yet, or run off by the park personnel, but the summer is young. Last night we talked of bringing a folding table to hold our drinks next time- a spider crawled into Carol's "dessert" - so it may be only a matter of time before we are pitching a tent, bringing lanterns and a portable fire pit. And breakfast.

It is our rain or shine, summer go-to destination. We have a band shell to knit under when it rains, as it did last week, and a bathroom nearby. In fresh air and shade, we listen to each other and the chirping birds, and the shouts of kids playing. We meet dogs and their owners, and watch birds, dragon flies and the cross country teams practice. We mind our knitting, and tend to each other's concerns.

And last night we had more sparks of creative ideas than the park has lightening bugs.

We leave the park reluctantly, but energized and happy.

I can't wait til next week.