Friday, August 28, 2009


this is how the inside of my brain feels- hot pink and flying in different directions all at the same time and a bit frazzled

Dear Mom,

The random thoughts of a brain in creative turmoil....

The knitting design ideas (and yarn deliveries) come in faster than I can knit them.

GinaWhoCanParallelPark is now afraid that she will have to come in and clean up my yarn mess if something happens to me someday and I had better get started knitting. (in other words, stop spending the money I make selling my designs on more yarn and start knitting with what I have!!!)

I have some compelling ideas that won't quiet down. Do I take a safe sure route or get out of my "comfort zone", and Take a Risk! ??

My wonderful knitting friends help to fuel the creative fires. You do, too, because like a Good Mother, you sigh approvingly when I tell you my ideas and make "ooohh" and "awww" sounds.

WWDD??? What Would Daddy Do?

Love, Kim