Monday, February 28, 2011

A River Runs Through It

Dear Mom,
My backyard has a small creek running through it and Bonnie Jo now lives on lakefront property. It would seem that Mother Nature is trying to make up for last year's drought. Let's just hope she makes her corrections and then gives us a beautiful spring and summer filled with sunny days, moderate temps and average rainfall. Is that asking for too much?

Spring cleaning here continues but has escalated to a Whole New Level.

The Plan:
Take the house one room at a time and make it "show- worthy". No, we are not moving and have no plans to do so. However our 20+ years here are starting to show and it is time to tend to the details.
My Hero and I will have Strategy Planning breakfast dates on Saturday mornings to map out that weekend's action, make our lists and then go buy the necessary supplies (if any) that are required to complete our mission.

Last weekend it was the family room. This weekend.......what was formerly known as the Guest/Yarn/Sewing room and before that a toy room and before that an office will soon become the Young Lady's bedroom.

This room swap is going to be a multi- weekend process.
I neglected to take a Before picture, so let's make do with a During, shall we?

Clearing out the yarn, knitting books, furniture, yarn, craft supplies, and purging the closet of all that stuff you hang on to but no longer need, took most of Saturday. We took a huge amount of that stuff we were hanging on to to the Good will. The ceiling has been painted. A wall color has been chosen to coordinate with the new comforters. Next weekend's tasks are pretty much defined. (But I still think My Hero should take me out to breakfast.) The entire upstairs is a crazy mishmash of bits overflow in every room. Everybody has a bed to sleep in and clean clothes, so I'll try not to let the chaos get to me. It will all be worth it in the end.

I did get in some knitting time last week and over the weekend, and last night I completed the gift for a Baby Boy that My Hero asked me to knit. I elected to skip over the baby part of that request and knit a toddler sized sweater- something that will hopefully be grown into and out of and get worn lots more than a baby sweater would have.

This is my Sibling Rivalry....Oh Brother! design. Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted yarn in Envy Heather (forest green) and Basalt Heather (grey). I had fun following my own pattern directions on this one.

Like last week, today is a day for catching up on all the laundry and house stuff that was neglected over the weekend. It is another damp, chilly, gray Monday, and it is hard to get motivated, but it isn't like I'd rather be outside playing in the new creek.