Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yesterday and Today and why I need an Excedrin

Dear Mom,

Just in case you are worried, the yarn from yesterday's post was a cheap acrylic from the Young Lady's craft supplies. The Good Wool is put away up high, or in a closet, or in a cabinet, or behind a closed door. Or all of those things.

And because good wool was not involved, Patsy lives.

Plus the ground is too hard for grave digging.

I remember Bumper's badness peaked at about the one year mark. I remember this because I remember SOBBING on the PHONE to a COMPLETE STRANGER/dog trainer about the fact that there were multiple holes dug in the back yard among other dog-related calamities. By our best guesstimate and her behavior, I think Patsy has hit the one year mark. She is like a teenager thinking the car keys are hers, she can make the rules because she is "becoming an adult", the dog dish should always be filled and underwear cleans itself and puts itself away.

I could be confusing things with the Young Man, but whatever.

A Second ball of cheap yarn was sacrificed this afternoon- this one of the furry variety and this time Right In Front of Me. A desperate attempt at attention, which only landed Patsy in my her Sanity Saving Crate. This after a frenzy in which she grabbed a pair of my cheaters, stole my white sheep tape measure, dumped the bathroom trash and I don't know if it was a symbol of repentance or the devil in her, but I found her in the back yard with my Inspirational Thought of the Day calendar in her mouth.

I know they are related, but her Extreme naughtiness is not what I need after spending 2 hours at the middle school Parent Teacher conferences this morning. All is good- I heard all the things a mom loves to hear- 'great kid, pleasure to have in class, good grades, well- organized, yada yada yada'...... Wait!? Well ORGANIZED?....
After all that smiling and nodding and pretending that I wasn't surprised to hear that the Young Lady is well organized because clearly her bedroom is NOT, I left the school very thirsty and hungry and with a caffeine-deprived headache blooming. I stopped off at the library and had to get out of there when I realized that my brain was famished to the point that I was unable to remember my alphabet.

To celebrate the Good Reports all her teachers gave me ( and because I was starving) , the Young Lady and I met My/Our Hero for lunch, and then because there was no school and apparently the caffeine hadn't kicked in and I didn't think I had done too much already, we went shopping. For jeans. I must have gotten up on the martyr side of the bed this morning.

I took an Excedrin when I got home.


P.S. Despite everything, I did manage to get my Cowl Catcher pattern ready for purchase on ravelry and on Warm Thoughts.