Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Old Gracefully . . . ?

Dear Mom,
Ha ha ha!!  I can't stop giggling!  Those pictures are super fun!  Wow!  I had a different hairstyle in every photo and I wore a LOT of bright lipstick and a LOT of bling-bling!  It looks like I even went through a Boy George phase!
I wonder if I will be giggling in another 20 years?! . . . .

I had a very fun birthday!! My most favorite friends came over to celebrate.  We ate a fabulous dinner together, drank some Naked wine (I thought that since I couldn't wear my "birthday suit", it might still be fun to drink Naked with friends-ha!) and we ate the cake I baked, which I found here.

There were lots of candles which David had to light with a blow torch!!  More giggling!  Ha!

I can't wait to spend my next 44 years with way more giggling, baking, enjoying friends and living with much love and joy!