Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dear Mom,

While Wendy was having the new sprinkler system installed, things continued on pretty normally around here. Normal for Spring Break, anyway. The highlight of Spring Break (for me): The Annual Purge.
We accomplished the annual purge of the kids bedrooms in One Day (a new record!), leaving no surface untouched and every toy, trinket, article of clothing, bead, bobble and scrap of paper evaluated. "Keep", "Trash" and "Goodwill" were the buzz words of the day. I didn't stop to cook. My Hero brought pizza home. With a professional beauty shop hair clip in place to keep my bangs out of my face, we moved furniture, rearranged the Young Lady's bedroom, sweat, dusted and vacuumed our way to completion. They have come to realize after so many years, that I Mean Business and the sooner it is done and behind us, the better.

We rewarded ourselves with a movie the next day.

Last night My Hero took us downtown to Iaria's, an Italian restaurant, family owned since 1933. Curvy red booths. Chianti and calamari. Pizza with real cheese that stretched and stretched from the slice to the Young Man's mouth. The food was delicious, reasonable and plentiful. The bread was still steaming hot when it was delivered to the table. The Young Lady's description of Spumoni ice cream: "It tastes like taffy!"

After dinner we went duck pin bowling, which nobody is really good at, and the Young Lady did better when she used the ball that was so beat up that it wobbled all the way down the lane if that tells you anything about the skill level. Of course, "the boys" did lots better than "us girls", but we all had fun.

That leaves coloring eggs. We tried a recipe the Young Lady found that used beets, onion skins and blueberries to make the dye. An interesting experiment, but if vibrant colors are what you are after, nothing can replace the good old food coloring and vinegar dyes.

beet colored egg

Today we try making chocolate eggs for Easter. If successful, we will bring them for dessert to your house tomorrow.
And it is time to get a grip on laundry and the reality of setting the alarm and back to school on Monday morning.