Monday, February 23, 2009

A sweater makes her Debut

Dear Mom,
I finished the February Lady Sweater as planned and wore her on Friday to my favorite local yarn shop, The Village Yarn Shop, in Zionsville. The owner purchased a couple of my
patterns to sell and I took them in to her.

I had also given her a sample of the Diagonal Surprise sweater for her to display ~ it looks nice up there, I think.

There were some strong knitterly vibes in the store that day. I stayed to knit awhile. Like pretty much until I had to be home to meet the bus. There were expert knitters enjoying the company of other knitters. There were two friends there; one teaching the other to knit. Knitters love to get new knitters addicted. We oozed support and encouragement. Because the New Knitter was trying to learn on hobby shop needles, one veteran knitter was compelled to step in with a needle intervention. Quality needles were provided in a flash, maybe even before the New Knitter knew what was happening!
So. Being at the shop on Friday wasn't enough. I went back on Saturday. Basically to spend all the money (and a little more) that I made selling the patterns. I got some yarn, a book and some knitting needles. And I must have knitters ADD right now, or this cold I am fighting has brought on a serious case of "Startitis", because I cast on 2 new projects on Sunday (a pair of socks and a sweater with the yarn I purchased on Saturday) and probably since I want the Young Lady to have something special to wear for Easter, I should get started on that, too. So, when I am not taking care of the housework, running to the orthodontist, doing laundry or cooking a meal, (which doesn't sound like there will be much time left over) I will be right here:

In my winter knitting nest, listening to books, and knitting.
Love, Kim