Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday was for Sewing

Dear Mom,
On Saturday I sewed another Schoolhouse Tunic. This one is the shorter "shirt length" on the pattern. I've decided that my ideal tunic would be somewhere between this pattern's tunic and shirt lengths and I will make adjustments next time. Because there will be a next time with this pattern.
I love this orange gingham check, but wasn't considering the challenges of matching the pattern when I purchased the fabric. Mostly I did okay, but I am critical of the point where the shirt fronts are attached to the skirt.
I wore this with a navy t-shirt underneath and a blue ceramic pig pin. ( Yes, I accessorized!)

Then, while my machine was still set up and while the ironing board was still out, I acted on another creative idea. Back in January I received a catalog that is geared to outdoors-y pursuits. I don't always look through catalogs that find their way into my mailbox- what I don't see I won't want- but I did glance through this one and saw an interesting hooded sweatshirt that was embellished with embroidery and appliqu├ęs. It had a pretty price, too, though. Knowing there are plenty of fabric scraps and buttons in this house, I decided I would try customizing my own sweatshirt. A lucky day at the thrift shop had me finding a tuxedo shirt (more on that in a future post) and a zippered GAP sweatshirt.  I think I purchased both for less than $10.

I cut out some flower shapes and used my pincushion and a juice glass to trace circles onto my fabrics. I raided my button jar, choosing orange, green and black buttons. I tried to limit myself to oddly shaped or single buttons that wouldn't be of use anywhere else. But before sewing anything onto the shirt, I put it on and marked those strategic locations where I definitely did NOT want a flower, or a button. No Bull's Eyes, thankyouverymuch.

I am not an applique artist, but I wasn't going for a real polished look here, either. I am dressing up a Goodwill sweatshirt and making it a little bit more fun.
My goal today is to finish a knitting project- just a few rows left, but they are long rows. While I do that I am mentally working on picking up the stitches for a button band in a way that covers the picked up edge. I think I know how I want to do that, but won't know if my idea works for sure until I try it.

That's all. Be warm. It is winter out there today. Fire in the fireplace and sit and knit time!