Friday, December 3, 2010

One a Day

Dear Mom,
I was able to finish the Young Lady's North Porch hat in one day, but I do admit to nodding off over my knitting needles more than once on Wednesday night. Times like that I miss my Dr. Pepper habit.
Anyway, I got it done, the girl is happy and her head was warm. Now she wants fingerless mitts to match, but I told her she would have to wait til after Christmas for those.
Thursday required me to transport the Young Man downtown where he caught the Megabus with 9 of his fellow students and a teacher. They are attending a DECA conference in Chicago. My biggest concern was that I would not find a parking spot, but I thought it was my lucky day when we found an empty spot directly across the street from the bus stop AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, it was one that did not require me to parallel park. Because honestly, I would have continued to circle the block until the bus left if parallel parking was my only option. (I ignored the Young Man's suggestion that I just "drop him off". As if I would abandon my child with his duffel bag and backpack on a downtown sidewalk! We hadn't seen another student or the teacher at that point,either.) I know teenage boys think themselves all invincible and tough, but honestly.
Anyway, we parked. I paid the meter and we waited for the group to collect and the bus to arrive. My quarter and the 6 minutes that were still on the meter from the previous patron meant that I had 26 minutes. After giving the Young Man a quick pat on the back (no embarrassing hugs or kisses good-bye) I jaywalked my way back across the street, saw the meter had expired and hopped in my car.
And then I saw the parking ticket.  I promise you it could not have been more than a minute or two. Where was the ticket writer lurking? Are they still called meter maids? I doubt it. That sounds too polite. And sexist. And way nicer than anything I wanted to name them. Not such a lucky day after all.
My first ticket. (I am not counting my 2 warnings.) I was rattled, mad and wished I had put another quarter in the meter.
 My plan, since I would be so far out of my usual 6 mile radius, was to be brave and go to Mass Ave Yarn shop because I would practically be in the neighborhood. So despite being distracted by the ticket and my poor mapquest directions, I navigated my way to the yarn shop. I think some kind of wool homing instinct took over and guided me.
 I found some yarn for a couple of last minute gift knits (why and I doing this to myself??) and some more fingerless mitts for the Young Lady. And headed for home. Throw in an afterschool orthodontist appt and it was a long day. I've said it before and I am saying it again. Thank Goodness for Doggie Daycare. I had the foresight to drop Patsy off in the morning, knowing I would be gone most of the day and she would have to spend too much time crated. At the end of the day I was able to pick up a tired dog and have a peaceful evening. God Bless the Bed & Biscuit. They may be my new best friends.
I was able to put my quiet evening to productive use and knitted this Cowl Catcher for a friend.

I used one skein of Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Grande and I found the buttons at the yarn shop. I started another- same yarn, different color, more really good buttons, and if all goes well, I should be able to finish that one tonight. There has been so much behind the scenes knitting going on that I can't show you in case the recipients are reading the blog. I must remember to take pictures before they are wrapped up and delivered.
Back at it. Unfortunately Patsy's training does not include vacuuming, laundry and gift wrapping.