Thursday, May 7, 2009

In My Ears

Dear Mom,

I have a little Ipod shuffle that I keep loaded with audio books that I borrow from the library. With so little on television ( I only watch 3 programs, and those will be winding down for the season in the next week or two) , I listen to books when there isn't anything on worth watching in the evening, while doing housework, and while knitting.
I just finished listening to Paths of Glory, by Jeffrey Archer. Paths of Glory is the
story of George Mallory, who led the British expeditions to Mount Everest and may have been the first man to reach the summit. We will never know. After listening to the story, I want to believe he was. The book is written as fiction, but is based on the factual events of George Mallory's life. Adventure, love story and history all combine to make this an entertaining book to listen to and I'll bet just as good to read. It is hard to explain how I could be moved to tears by a story I already know the ending to (the prologue takes care of that), but I was. Am. I loved it.