Monday, February 2, 2009

Chicken Eggs and Golf Balls

Dear Mom,
Did you know that I use golf balls to show the girls the proper place to lay their eggs? The golf ball serves as a fake egg. The hen sees the "egg" already in the nest and she says to herself, "Ah-ha, this must be a safe place for my own egg!" Hens, by nature, like to lay their eggs in dark out-of-the way places. Our nest box is located at the back of the coop, with an access door from the outside. It is recommended to have one nest for every four hens. All four of my hens have always gone into the nest box to lay their eggs; they are such good girls!
Love, Bonnie Jo

Groundhog Day

Dear Mom,
Today is my favorite day of winter. It is a hopeful day. Groundhog day means the end of winter is in sight! Think SPRING!

Morning Brew

Dear Mom,

Three children back to school blended with the promise of a clean and quiet house again make a delightful morning cup of coffee!

Love, Wendy