Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meg's and Marge's Big Adventure

Dear Mom,
Meg and Marge were invited to a 4-H meeting for a presentation on small animal showmanship by two senior 4-H members. This was the first time in a cage for Marge! When in came time for the presentation, the cage was set upon a table. Meg and Marge appeared to be watching as the rabbits were demonstrated. The chickens received a few of giggles and finger pointing.

When it was their turn, they were very cooperative (I was a little worried about Marge, but she held very still)!

Their wings were displayed and they were tilted in different directions to show various feathers and chicken anatomy. Meg is so adorable that most of the young girls in the club wanted to pet her after the meeting.

When the presentation was over, I rewarded their good behavior with corn (always a favorite). Once home, the cage door was opened and and they ran to join Golda and Gloria in the yard. They settled into their usual holes against the side of the house and took long, relaxing dust baths.
They clucked softly together; I think Marge and Meg were telling Golda and Gloria all about their big adventure!
Love, Bonnie Jo