Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Special Thank You

Dear Mom,
I got a package in yesterday's mail with a special Thank You from Elaine for the Suri Silk and mitten kit I sent to her. I honestly did not expect to be thanked- my thanks was in finding good homes for the yarn. But the kind note and generous gifts that Elaine sent in thanks are worthy of a blog post.
She hinted at sending something special for Olive, and in the package was a bright red polka dot scarf- perfect for a shiny black dog!
What was completely unexpected, and absolutely touched me to my core, was these hand knits!
A couple pairs of boot toppers and a head warmer! In my experience, it is a rare thing for a knitter to receive hand knit gifts. I feel honored and very special. I told Elaine that I am not in any hurry for winter weather to get here, but when it does (because we know it will) I will be sporting these at first opportunity. Thank you Elaine!