Monday, November 2, 2009

Are Crock Pots Collectible?

Dear Mom,
It wasn't until I borrowed your crock pot over the weekend and saw that crock pots nowadays have more than a Low-High-Off switch that I realized that my work horse of a crock pot is a tad out of  date. Maybe even vintage.


Try to ignore those rust spots. She works just fine and I have no need to replace her. I just felt a bit stunned to have options when I plugged yours in and was ready to begin the slow cooker process. I had a brief moment of self doubt when I saw that yours says SMART POT right there on it. Would I be smart enough for this crock pot? Have no fear, dueling crock pots are plugged in and will be burbling away today, filling my kitchen with good smells.
I am making dinner for The Zucchini Queen and her family (and mine too, while I am at it). ZQ's Mom is having surgery today and dinner was one less thing she would have to think about. I prepared a mini knitting care package for The Zucchini Queen, too. I neglected to take a picture of it before I gave it to her, but I had another good idea. The yarn and pattern are for a scarf- one of Melissa's 12 Knits of Christmas. The scarf is a 2 row pattern. I went ahead and cast on and worked a few rows of the scarf to get it started. I don't normally knit with straight needles, (I prefer circular knitting needles), but in this case I got straights and here is why: As I said, it is a 2 row pattern. With a Sharpie marker, I wrote a #1 on the end of one needle and a #2 on the other. When needle #1 is the empty needle, ZQ is to knit row one of the pattern. And when needle #2 is empty.... well, you get it, right? Now ZQ won't need to be bothered trying to remember which row she is on when she gets distracted or interrupted. And she will have a pretty scarf when she is finished. And hopefully the knitting will ease a little bit of her waiting time today.
Last night I bound off one of the current knitting project, and until I get it blocked and some elastic sewn into the waist,  I won't know if it will be a really great skirt or a tremendous failure. It better be great because I already have the perfect yarn for a cardigan to go with it. I 'll let you know.