Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twelve Years Ago

Dear Mom,
I became a Mom for the first time 12 years ago today. The teenager hasn't change a whole lot (technically, not a teenager but the teenager alarm has buzzed even though I want it to be in "sleep mode" for "a few more minutes")!! Still sleeps a lot, eats whenever and answers me in grunts but still some coos, too.
Thank you, Mumsie, and Kim and Bonnie, too, for teaching me how to be a great Mom (if I say so myself)!! This is the best rollercoaster ride I've ever been on. (Well, except maybe the first time I rode the Racer with you!!!)
Love, Wendy

Computer Conversation

Dear Mom,
Here is an actual conversation I had with Kim this morning:
Me: My freakin' internet is down.
Kim: That freakin' internet!
Me (getting a little whiney): I wanted to blog about the teenager's birthday today.
Kim: Okay, why don't you email me the picture you want and I can do a little post for you. Do you want me to do that for you?
Me: Really? . . . . okay, that sounds good!
Me again: Wait. I can't.
Kim: Why?
Me: My freakin' internet is down!!
Love, Wendy


Dear Mom,
The Young Man has finals today and tomorrow. Things are a bit tense. Lots of reassuring, pats on the back, quizzing off study guides and more reassuring. An intense moment yesterday when a study guide went missing. More reassurances. Thank goodness it was such a nice, warm day. He was able to go out and hit some tennis balls to relieve stress, clear his head and get some fresh air. He will do fine. He will do better than fine; he always does.
A Happy Birthday SHOUT to your youngest grandSON. Have a fun day!
Love, Kim