Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Dear Mom,

Since reading this blog post the other day, I have been thinking about Peas. And how much I hate them. Snow peas are good in stir fry and Sugar Snap Peas are acceptable (probably because they have sugar in the name) but plain old green peas? No thank you.

I can be a big girl if I have to and eat them in that layer salad because they are coated in that Parmesan cheese/sugar/mayo salad dressing and because they have not been cooked. Or in vegetable soup when they can be camouflaged in my mouth by the broth and better vegetables. But that is it.

And the only reason there is a bag of frozen peas in my freezer is because it makes a handy first aid ice pack.

I hate peas so much that I don't think I have ever made my kids eat them.

My hatred for peas is deep and long suffering. I have a history with peas, and I can remember precisely when my pea-dislike turned into pea-hatred. I bear emotional scars.

I don't exactly blame you. After all, I am a mother now, and I have used the "eat your _________ or you won't get any dessert" line a time or two hundred. But did you have to serve peas on the day we had Captain Crunch Ice Cream Bars for dessert? Did you? Why not on the day (like most days) that we had Jello for dessert? Or even a day we had Jellolayeredwithcoolwhip? Because even though I Tried, and watched Bonnie eat her peas and her Captain Crunch Ice Cream Bar, and even though I cried and choked on peas and cried some more and even went into full out gag reflex over those peas..... I could not eat them and I did not get my Captain Crunch Ice Cream Bar. And I think probably Daddy ate all the rest of them because I don't remember getting one the next day, either.



and p.s. I don't think they even make them any more. I've been looking.