Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Best is Yet to Come

Dear Mom,
I suppose it is the combination of little things-  the year winding down, receiving Christmas cards with photos of friends and their growing kids, decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments made when my kids were in preschool, and memories of Christmases past- but I have found myself pondering.

None of us likes the thought of getting old. Or looking old. Or feeling old. Who wouldn't want their 19 year old body back? But instead of fighting Mother Nature, I think it is a wiser use of our energies to be as healthy as we can, and to look and feel the best we can at every age. We have all had our turn at being teens or young 20's or Thirty-Somethings. Let the current teens and 20's and Thirty-somethings have their turn. I couldn't begin to compete with them. I won't ignore the wisdom of my years for the folly of youth. Honestly, I hope to have the opportunity to get really old, and do it well. I choose to believe The Best is Yet to Come.  And really, who would want to be in 8th grade again?

A Gentleman at a get-together we attended was relating the story of his new Sports Car. He calls his new car The Time Machine. Recently, when running an errand with his wife to the post office, in an area of town that is known for its night life, he drove past a youthful group. "Hey, I like your car!", one of them shouted.
The Gentleman stopped, rolled down his window and hollered back, "This isn't a car! It is a Time Machine. Every time I get in it I am 29 years old!" We chuckled, commenting that "those kids" probably thought he was some goofy OLD guy. And then he smiled widely and with the suggestion of pride,said, "Well, I am."

I have many cherished memories, but I also have plans for the future and interests in the here and now that keep me busy and building more cherished memories.
Getting Older has it's insults, but so did being a teenager. Getting Older is the price I have to pay to experience the Best that IS Yet to Come, and I gladly pay it. After all, I can feel young on the inside, and still act my age.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson