Friday, May 4, 2012

And Then There's Maude

Dear Mom,

Sometimes I see a knit design that I just have to make. And sometimes after the knitting is done I wonder what I was thinking.
Meet Maude.

I really like the idea of Maude.

Maude does not like me. Or more specifically, Maude and my rear view do not compliment each other.

IF my rear view were as tiny as Elle's there wouldn't be a problem. IF I didn't like cookies, my rear view might be as tiny as Elles. As Daddy would have said, "that's a Big If."

Knitting Maude was a piece of cake. I did make a modification to the design, however. I was not happy with the unfinished look around the back, front and arm openings and the stockinette stitch wanted to curl. Still in denial about our compatibility, I decided to add a purchased bit of lace. As if 3 yards of lace would distract from the upholstery.

I figured out a way to crochet a chain around the edges to attach the lace. It worked like a charm and added a nice touch.
I was feeling very Downton Abbey about it.

On a good self esteem day I will try Maude on again with a dress or at least Not Jeans and see if our exits are as charming as our entrances.
If not, Elle has a pretty new frock.