Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drapery Dilemma and a Sock

Dear Mom,
I have a headache. I just spent too much time away from home, which for most people wouldn't be much time away at all, but it seems that I have an approximate75 minute window before I start feeling edgy and want to get home -except when I am knitting with friends and then I totally lose track of time- and probably this means that everyday I take one step closer to being THAT lady who never leaves her house and is surrounded by wool and too many dogs. But today I was out searching for a window treatment solution for our triple wide porch door. And just like when we replaced the stove AND the refrigerator, it would seem that what "they" make and what I need are two entirely different things. My needs being way smaller than what is offered. With the stove installation, I channelled my dental hygiene skills and used my Dremel to cut the tile on the counter tops so we could slide the appliance into place. With the fridge we stopped shopping for features and started reading the fridge dimensions before we would even look at the thing. We had to push down some prejudices and purchase a Kenmore, the only brand - in fact the ONLY FRIDGE we could find that would fit.  And now it is window hardware. The windows on my doors are 21 inches wide and 67 inches long. A 25" rod is the max the doors can handle. Anything bigger and the rods will smack into each other when we USE the door. The smallest rods I find start at 28".
After searching too many places, I ended up having to special order the things. Without them I was stymied. I couldn't buy fabric without knowing whether I could even find the rods. I found rods in the right size at the fabric store but they only had 3 and I hated to buy them and HOPE that 3 more would come in. My headache is born of frustration.
I also made a few mistakes (when will I learn?) in my Porch Door window quest. One was getting input from My Hero (it might have been better to proceed and apologize)  and the second was to decide on what I wanted before I went to see if it was even out there. I wasn't finding it and losing hope. I envisioned a quilted fabric in a pretty pattern with navy or brick reds. All the quilted stuff I found belonged in a nursery or was a Vera Bradley wanna be and not something that belonged on my family room doors. I actually began to consider KNITTING a window treatment. That is how far gone I was. Plus I was feeling that Panicky Fringe starting to squeeze on me- guilt over leaving the dogs so long, pressure about the housework I wasn't getting done while I kept staring at the same fabrics and the same drapery rods hoping that something would jump out that I had missed during the first 45 minutes I had been looking. And mad at myself for feeling that way and always trying to do things myself and save money yaddayadda blahblahblah. I bought a knitting magazine, some ribbons, two pillow forms and I left.
HOWEVER! When I walked in to the Drapery/Upholstery Fabric store and asked about the rods, and which is where I ended up placing my order for them, I found the quilted fabric I was imagining and in a color/design I think will be perfect. !!!!!  No doubt the ladies who work there think I don't have enough thread wound on my spool, because my relief at finding what I had envisioned made it impossible to contain my enthusiasm.
And Now I Am Home, and the fabric sample I got is gonna be just right. I'll head back there tomorrow to make my purchase, get the sewing done and when the rods arrive we can get them hung and put this episode behind me.

Yesterday I finished the first January sock. Right on schedule. I even started its brother, but I did not do anymore knitting on the second sleeve of The Sweater that Kim Forgot. I'll get to that tonight.

It's not too often that I get a really good picture of either dog. Bumper is very camera shy and Patsy is, well, too happy to be still most of the time. So, when I get one this good I am compelled to share it.

a tired dog is a good dog

And finally, Primrose is published  and can be found on ravelry and on the Warm Thoughts blog.