Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Limp

Dear Mom,

My dear, sweet Olive will be having surgery tomorrow (Monday) to correct what started out as a quirky little strut and is now a full blown, impossible to ignore, limp. Our vet checked it out at her annual visit 2 weeks ago, and last week we consulted with a veterinary orthopedic specialist. Examination and radiographs suggest an Ununited Anconeal Process. From what I have learned, failure for this bony process to fuse can occur in large, rapidly growing dogs, and Olive is definitely one of those.

Arthroscopy on Monday will confirm and correct the problem. To do nothing would guarantee a lame dog.  As things are, there is already evidence of arthritis in the joint. Fortunately, Olive is still a young dog and her prospects for a full recovery are excellent. Let's just hope there are no surprises when they get in there to take a look and remove that piece of bone.

I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to her. Say a prayer for Olive and her doctors.
I'll let you know how she does.