Thursday, April 14, 2011

More shawl pictures

Dear Mom,
Turns out taking a picture of the prettiest shawl I ever made is harder than I thought it would be.
My clothesline plan turned out lots of pictures like this:
I don't even want to tell  you how many attempts I made trying to get a picture of this thing hanging on the clothesline on a breezy day before I gave up. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

I ended up taking a picture of the shawl modeled by the Reliable Elle.
I am taller than Elle, so the shawl won't nearly touch the ground when I wear it.

I've spent most of the last two beautiful days outside working in the yard, trying to help the lawn recover from last summer's drought- spraying the chickweed and dandelions that are trying to take over and planting grass seed. We lost two small spruce trees and a little white pine seedling that the Young Lady brought home from school 4 years ago. I found a spot for the pussy willow I've been wanting and started cleaning up the perennial beds. I don't know if it is due to the weather or the drought or both, but it seems that things are late in sprouting up this spring.
We're continuing to move forward with our spring cleaning plan. The upstairs is nearly finished! We worked on the Young Man's room over spring break and the kids bathroom is finished, too. We've started the prep work on the upstairs hallway and stairway, but are taking advantage of the good weather to get some outdoor projects done- namely, a major fence overhaul that we hope (please, God?) will keep Patsy from jumping out. This weekend's forecast has colder temps and rain coming in, so we'll be back at it with paint brushes and rollers in hand.

All that yard work hasn't left much time for knitting. I did pull out another shawl that had just been started before getting pushed aside. My notes indicate that I started knitting it in July 09. I am determined to get this one finished, too. Not enough progress on it to show a picture, but when there is something worth sharing here, I will.