Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day

Dear Mom,
Gloria and Golda were curious...

but they would NOT get their feet in the snow!

The cardinals are abundant,

and the woods are a winter wonderland.

(It looks like I'm not the only creature that has been on this trail!)

But ohhh...if we only had some blue sky...

Love, Bonnie Jo

Puppy Kindergarten

Dear Mom,
Armed with pockets full of puppy training treats, the Young Lady, Patsy and I attended the first of 5 puppy kindergarten classes last night.
It will be no surprise to you that your Granddogger was the smartest puppy in class. Patsy mastered the "Leave it" command after 3 tries. Mastered it so well, in fact, that she became quite bored with the exercise and laid down while Gordon, Roxie, Bella and Bentley, Sookie, Cocoa, Aster and Wilson practiced "leaving it" around her.
We were surrounded by an assortment of breeds- golden doodles, boxers, a Newfoundland, a Cavalier King Charles and an English Spaniel- all fuzzy soft and adorable, but it was Patsy, the ?? breed who stole the show and the admiration of those around her. She could have gotten by on the cute factor alone, and I worried at first that she would be the class flirt, or worse yet, the class clown,  teasing the dogs on either side of her, but when the time came to buckle down and get serious, Patsy made me proud.

No school today due to the winter storm. I won't be surprised if the kids stay home again tomorrow. Every day they miss will be made up at the end of the year, so this Snow Day was not met with the same enthusiasm as the last one. Yesterday's visit to the grocery has the pantry and fridge stocked, and I have plenty of fiber to knit and spin once my daily housework is behind me. Staying home has never been a struggle for me. And even though I am ready to be done with snow and ice and cold and grey, I really can't think of any place I would really rather be.

Stay warm!