Thursday, March 5, 2009

Outdoor Outpost

Dear Mom,

My clothesline is one of my favorite things, the simplest of pleasures. And today it is just sunny enough, just warm enough and just breezy enough to hang sheets and comforters out on the clothesline. Nothing smells like sheets after they've dried in fresh air and sunshine. It is just the cleanest of smells. And tucking in with that fresh sunshine smell on your pillow? Re-lax-ing. Sweet dreams. Good sleeping.

Before all this sunshine, fresh air and clothesline drying started, I ran to the bookstore to pick up a knitting book I ordered. And as I typically do, I wandered back to the crafts and home decor/ home improvement section. Where I found this: (modeled by the cooperative Bumper Joseph)

Mary Jane's Outpost, by Mary Jane Butters. The Mary Jane of Mary Jane's Sewing Room. It is full of out door inspiration and decoration, and things I will never do (like bathing out doors and filleting a freshly caught fish) but is such a beautiful book with a healthy, refreshing perspective that I had to bring it home with me. It has recipes. It has instruction on Two-handed Whistling. Which being a whistling impaired person, I plan on studying. Out door picnic-y stuff. Plants. Pretty pictures to look at if you don't feel like reading. Camping and hunting. Okay, that is another part I will. not. do. And aprons, and bugs and inspiring quotes. Like this one-

"Alone, I am one drop of water, together we are blessed rain."