Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finished but shelved

Dear Mom,
Just in time for record warm weather (yahoo!), I've finished two wool sweaters.
One is a sample for a class I will begin teaching today at the Village Yarn Shop, and I was in such a rush to get it finished and in the shop I neglected to take a photo. I'll take one today and post it later.
The other sweater is for me. I'd wanted a navy pullover for myself, tunic length, with pockets just because I like them, and had plenty of Cottage Craft wool, color St Croix Navy, in my stash.
I chose to knit a deep rib and place the pockets where the ribbing ended. The pockets have buttonholes to keep them closed, as a nice finishing detail, and because I like buttons. In this case I couldn't decide on a button and tada!, a ReLinkWish solves that dilemma.
In this case a nice plaid covered button. Another day it could be a pretty hand crafted clay button.

I will GLADLY wait until November before I wear this. Or December even.

I've got a chemistry experiment going in the garage ( I'll show you that another day), a small project to finish and some design ideas swimming around in my head, but what is really jumping up and down, waving its hands and calling "ooo!oo!ooooo!Pick Me!! I want to be a cardigan!" is this:

Classic Elite, Sprout, beautiful warm coral color.....
Like the baby bird that gets fed first because it is the loudest, this one may push all other ideas to the back of the line.

Excuse me, I have some knitting to do.