Sunday, August 2, 2009


Dear Mom,

After a week of birthdays and a couple of days working outside the home, our 2 day trip to Shipshewana was a pleasant break and a fun getaway.

The fun started when we met up with a Quilting Group from the Ft Wayne area, deep in a Fiber Frenzy, searching through a boat load of fat quarters priced at $1. (Literally, the shop has a boat in the middle of it, filled to overflowing.) These women were having fun, and I don't believe they left until every fat quarter had been evaluated. There were shouts of delight when the elusive pattern had been discovered and fabrics were passed around and shared. Baskets were filled, dumped, spread out...
....and sorted. This lady found a spot away from the action to sort her finds. I think she is mentally piecing a quilt together.

And the quilt group was not alone. The Young Lady was elbow deep in those fabrics.

We found an inspiring shop with yarn, beads, tea, and gardening ideas. So inspiring that once inside, my mind began whirring and I didn't take any photos. I did take photos of my purchases once I got home and I will share those tomorrow.

After dinner Thursday night we took a quiet ride past Amish farms in the cool evening at dusk.

We could really appreciate the countryside with its well tended gardens and beautiful flowers while travelling in an open buggy at 9mph. And with a gentle hand on the reins, the driver could actually take his eyes off the road enjoy it with us. There is just no way to rush when travelling like that, and that is something I could get used to. Though when I do the math on how many miles it is to the schools, or the grocery store, or the library I KNOW it would be a hardship and I would be over it. But still. Probably I could knit and drive a buggy at the same time. Especially when the horse pulling the buggy can read the stop signs.

Our stay at the Big House in the Little Woods Bed and Breakfast let us sleep with the windows open, listening to the clip clop of Amish buggies, and waking up to the sound of a cow mooing (really! A Cow. Mooing. Way better than an alarm clock.) and the most delicious breakfast. The proprietors couldn't be more gracious or kind.
And while we ingested too much good food and loads of calories (I shouldn't eat anything for a week), and brought home some wonderful locally made cheeses and bread, I came home energized with more creative ideas than calories; my head filled with beautiful images and happy memories of time well spent.