Saturday, September 2, 2017

In the Air

Dear Mom,
Can you feel it? I do!

Tis the Season. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The nip in the air that validates and justifies my wool knitting obsession. I am no fan of Old Man Winter, but Autumn is my favorite. Even gray damp autumn days are soothing to my soul. Soup. Wool Socks.

While I resisted wearing a heavy wool cardigan yesterday, I did wrap myself in a wool shawl today so I could sit outside on the porch and read. Comfort. Bliss. Heaven.

It isn't cold enough for my latest finished knit, but my Bressay Dress will be ready when it is.

yes, I stood on a chair to take this shot

Elle is artfully modelling on the shawl I brought home from my Scotland trip last year. I made this dress specifically for this shawl.
The dress is supposed to have pockets, which are cute, and I practically worship pockets, but in this case I fear the extra bulk where I already have extra bulk. So my Bressay Dress may remain pocketless.

I was recently reminded of a book series I enjoyed. For some reason, I thought the series had ended and last week I discovered I was mistaken. The author is Anne Perry and it was her William Monk series I'd "finished".  I am not sure when I ended the series, so I'll go back to the beginning and work through them.  The same author has another series -she is certainly a prolific writer, God Bless Her!- featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. Until yesterday, I had not read any of that series and when I went online to borrow the first Monk book I decided to give the Pitt books a try. Well. I am here to say that I  could NOT put The Cater Street Hangman down. I haven't felt that way about a book since the last Outlander book was published. I got online to borrow the second book as soon as I finished. I am content knowing there are many many books in both the Monk and Pitt series and I'll have plenty of good reading to look forward to!


p.s. The Cater Street Hangman  is a murder mystery, but not a gruesome or too-scary-to-sleep one. Set in Victorian London.  I'll say no more.