Friday, March 16, 2012

Swing Coat

Dear Mom,
Top Down Swing Coat
It took eleven days of monogamous knitting, but the Swing Coat sample for the Village Yarn Shop is in place. I taught the first of three classes for this project yesterday afternoon.
The coat is knit from the top, down, making it possible to try it on as you knit, adjusting the length of sleeves and body as desired. Once you get past the collar and set up the points of increases and decreases, this is a pretty straightforward knitting project. Thankfully, it is knit at a gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch, making my 11 days with this project an exercise in focus, but not a crippling marathon.

And yes, last night I cast on the coral cotton yarn, completely ignoring the other projects I've already started. This too is a bulkier yarn and I am convincing myself that I can finish it quickly and get back to my other projects before they miss me.