Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Post Op Observations

Dear Mom,

A few high (or low) points after surgery....

~I never ever ever ever want to sit or sleep in a recliner again. Ever.
However, I am very thankful for My Hero's recliners, otherwise I have no idea what I would have done. I came home from the hospital, having spent one night there, unable to move myself from upright to supine without serious pain and a lot of help.
~Yoga pants. Thank you yoga pants for stretching over my surgically inflated belly and not digging in to any one of the seven incisions.
~Muumuu. This was probably a low point. I thought I should probably just give in and wear muumuus. You said NO.
~Jello. Note to self: include Jello with every home meal delivery in the future.
~Now that I am feeling better, I wish I had a hidden camera in the kitchen that first evening when I feared I might be sick and asked the Young Man and My Hero for a bucket. Much Scooby Doo-ing and cabinets crashing open, heated discussion over what was an appropriate receptacle, etc. In my weariness and frustration I decided that vomiting was too much work. FYI- they ended up presenting me with my Pie Carrier in case of eruption.
~This was not the knitting vacation I thought it would be. Most days I've been napping or just sitting. I am extremely thankful for the beautiful weather we've had. My screened porch is my favorite place to be and that is where most of my waking (and some napping) recuperation has occurred. I've watched the daisies and peonies bloom, the cedar waxwings visit the serviceberry trees, listened to the stomach growl noise the green herons make (but have not seen them yet) and watched mother birds feed their babies. I've finished a couple of books. As the days march on, and I feel more and more like myself with each, I've been able to knit. Some days just carrying my knitting to the porch wore me out, others all I can manage is a row before napping. I was silly to think I would be spinning and weaving, too.
~Olive. My comfort and companion. Never far from my side.
~You, for taking care of me when My Hero was overwhelmed. For bringing me jello, and lemonade and ibuprofen when we ran low. For weeding my garden and vacuuming and helping me change the sheets. All of those things which speak of love and care. All Shall Be Well.