Friday, September 30, 2016

I know what I did last summer

Dear Mom,
My summer is easily divided into chapters. Chapters I and II were the post op recovery and building Sweet Haven - a room of my own- chapters which I have documented on this blog.

Chapter III: A relaxing long weekend in Northern Michigan celebrating our Young Lady's 19th birthday.

Chapter IV: Early August had us prepping and organizing a Milestone Event. Moving our Young Lady our baby! off to The University of Southern Indiana, where she is studying Art and Illustration.
She is doing really well.

Our nest is empty-ish.
Olive tells me she misses her sister in the only way she can. I keep finding Olive on the Young Lady's bed. This squeezes my heart a little.

Chapter V:  About five years ago some friends and I hatched a plan. No empty nest issues for us. When the last 2 of us took our youngest off to college we were going to Scotland. And we did.

We departed on September 8. 
And arrived to the land of Kilts and Castles, Mist and Moors on Sept 9. 

It was a grand adventure. Everything I'd imagined and more. I'll share more in the days to come.