Friday, May 15, 2009

My Window Box

Dear Mom,

Yesterday, Bonnie emailed me with some questions about the window box I have outside the kitchen window. The answers got me to thinking about my window box and its history.

My Hero and his brother, Bill, built it for me on a whim about 10 years ago. Bill and Cheryl had been here for a weekend visit and really probably planned to be on the road when the project started. Bill had just made some window boxes for Cheryl and the plans were fresh in his memory. After some quick measurements were taken and an even quicker trip to the lumber yard, the sawing and drilling began and a very short time later, my window box was born.

I've never painted it, preferring a rustic window box as the stage for the flowers growing there.

This simple window box makes me very happy. I enjoy planting it and watching the flowers fill in over the summer and trail down over the edges. I love seeing the flowers peeking in the kitchen window and looking out at them as I sit at the kitchen table.

The window box also went above and beyond the call of duty, a testament to its sturdy construction, less than a year after it was built, when, on his first 4th of July, we found the dog perched dangerously on the window box, trying to escape the fireworks. We didn't realize until we came in after the fireworks had ended. As pitiful as he was, we didn't rescue the poor animal until a few photos had been taken.

You can see the concern and sympathy radiating out of the kids faces through the kitchen window. Fortunately, the dog has never had a problem with fireworks after that first initiation.

Today the window box is in its youthful, hopeful stage, not quite filled in and as pretty as it will be, but pleasing and happy and enjoying the sunshine.