Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knitting Content

photo taken by Debbie on her Iphone

Dear Mom,

There hasn't been much knitting content on this blog (from me) lately. Most of what I've been knitting is for future publications and I am not free to show it off yet. Rest assured that I am knitting. A lot.

I see the July issue of Creative Knitting magazine is up and on their website. If you click on the link and scroll down on that page you will see a photo for my Spiral Skirt design. Clicking on the photo will enlarge it. I made this skirt for myself last summer with Rowan Denim yarn. I love this skirt, and the way the denim yarn fades with washing and wearing just like denim jeans. I hope to make another for myself. I have some white cotton in my stash that I could use, and think it would be fun to custom dye the skirt after it has been knit.

As for the rest of the knitting projects, I will show them off when I am free to do so.