Monday, August 3, 2009


Dear Mom,
While the Grandpa is napping on the couch and before I take the Young Man to tennis practice, I will, as promised, share the treats I purchased for myself at the D'Vine yarn shop in Shipshewana last week.
This first is Opal Sock yarn, which I totally bought because of the Harry Potter label and it was the last one. Plus, luckily for me, the colorway is called Lupin, one of my favorite characters.

The next photos show some yarn that was grown, dyed and spun at a local Shipshewana farm. Since I would never find this anywhere else, and this is all that was left of it, I bought it, too.

There isn't a lot of yardage of either of these, but I have some scarf/kerchief/neck wrap ideas I may try with them.

I also found these buttons and bought them because they are simple and pretty. That shop had more interesting, unusual and beautiful buttons than I could absorb. I wish I had easy access to that kind of selection, but it is probably a good thing that I do not.

Aren't those the best! Just looking at them makes me want to knit a pretty sweater for them.