Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marching on....

Dear Mom,
It took two weekends, but the master bedroom, bath and closet can be checked off the spring cleaning list. At times, some of that closet cleaning and under the furniture cleaning felt like an archaeological dig. We found a tv remote that had been lost so long ago I'd forgotten we ever had it. I was ruthless and except for my wedding dress and a few sentimental things, I got rid of anything that hadn't been worn or that fit poorly or that looked unflattering - or at least the most unflattering stuff; one could argue that the men's oxford shirts I wear aren't exactly flattering. In other words, there is very little left hanging on my side of the closet. There are plenty of sweaters though!!
The bathroom got a fresh coat of paint, and even a simple thing like a new shower caddy made a big improvement.
I made a new shade for the window. I really lucked out on this one and found a fabric remnant that had the colors I was looking for and just the right amount of yardage. For less that $30 we have a new window treatment.

We'll continue our trek through the upstairs. I have to say that the results feel GOOD. Less really is More. Less dirt, less stuff, less clutter, less confusion. More control, satisfaction, space. This could become an addiction.

I thought I'd show you the progress I've made on your sweater. Back in January you told me you would like a cream mohair sweater similar in style to Primrose. Finding the right yarn took a little time and then POOF! I got an email alert from WEBS and lo and behold, there was the Ironstone Mohair I'd been looking for on sale. Stuff like that almost never happens.
Anyway, I swatched last week, did some MATH, and on Saturday evening I popped in Season One of Glee and started knitting.
Last night I got past the yoke shaping and things will move really quickly now. This may be finished sometime next week!!

I wish I could take a photo that would let you feel how soft this is. Knitting with mohair is not the easiest thing to do, but it isn't a chore either. Especially when the results feel so scrumptious. I caught myself considering ordering more colors of this yarn and making blankets. Actually, I was thinking of this blanket. As if I need more yarn. OR another project.