Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a Wrap

Dear Mom,
Bonnie Jo's wrap was finished Sunday night and I traded it for some more Cranberry Cordial on Monday morning.
Bonnie Jo found the instructions for the wrap in a Mary Jane's Farm magazine. It is a very easy knit- just a rectangle with a buttonhole and 3 buttons, giving her the option of different looks. But if Bonnie Jo is wearing it over her jammies like I think she is, then it will probably get buttoned wherever she finds the first button.
I used up some Berroco Comfort worsted from my stash (yay!) which fit Bonnie's easy care requirement and which we discovered that Patsy really likes. I found some really good buttons at Hancock fabric, but I neglected to get a close up of them.
A new sweater design is on paper and my needles. I'll be really excited about this one if it turns out. Otherwise I'll be wasting alot of time and yarn.
You know what? The lighting in the pictures on this post is lousy. I NEED SUNSHINE!!! And not just for taking pictures.
 Merrilymarylee asked if I could figure out how to knit the scarf pictured in the header of this blog. 1/26- edited - use this link for a look at the twisty scarf) I really thought I could. I've failed. My last attempt ended up looking nothing like the scarf and more like a beginner's poor attempt at garter stitch using broom handles for needles. I even stopped a woman wearing a similar scarf at Family Bingo night and asked her if I could have a close look. And was promptly told by My Hero that "there is no knitting at Bingo night". So if anyone reading this knows of a pattern for a scarf like that, could they please let MerrilyMarylee and me know where to find it?

Eight more days til Groundhog Day.